Friday, 30 September 2011

Filagree Cuff

Recently at Acme Plating we Gold Plated in 24 Karat Gold this cuff bracelet. I love the filigree detail and the way it looks against your skin. Finished in a shiny Gold finish this piece is stunning. It always amazes me to see the finished product once plated. Definitely worth the extra money to have it refinished so you can wear it and enjoy, instead of sitting around collecting dust. Last week I posted a trend on Cuffs check it out here to see the picks.
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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fall Work Attire

I'm always baffled as to what to wear to work. So while online shop searching I had a little fun with some outfits that were Cute and Casual. Not sure about your work but my work is always freezing so a warm sweater especially in the cooler months is a must. My work attire is also super cas so for those of you that need to dress up consider this a casual Friday look. #5 The J Brand black jean leggings are my ultimate go to. I've had them for over a year and the best part about them is they have yet to fade. Both pair of flats are great for a work shoe and I thought the tassel on the black boots was fun and different. I'm in dire need of some new chunky sweaters and loved all three of the ones above. I have not had a chance to get into Topshop in Vancouver yet but am hoping to get in there soon and pick one up. If your work is as cold as mine add a scarf to the mix and you should be good to go. There is nothing worse then being dressed uncomfortably for a day at the office. What do you wear to work? 

1. Topshop Knitted Fleck Dress $90
2. Talula Ayden Pant $60
3. Steve Madden Kool Black Patent $70
4. Topshop Knitted open Stitch Jumper $80
5. J brand 901 Jean Legging in Pitch $150
6. Steve Madden Kool Leopard Flat $90
7. Wilfred Balzac Sweater in Interpretative Leopard $115
8. Topshop Ponte Stirrup Legging $40
9. Topshop Dougie Tassel Black High Boots $170
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Monday, 26 September 2011

Officially Fall

It's apparent that Fall is here and it won't be long until Winter is on it's way. I am most looking forward to making some homemade soups and using the dark rainy weather as an excuse to cuddle up on the couch with a good book Elle Magazine or movie. I recently just received my new Ugg slippers which I ordered from Victoria Secret. I can tell these are going to be hard to take off, they are so unbelievably warm and comfy! I pulled these four photos from Pinterest to help set the mind for Fall. Wishing everyone comfort and peace as we transition from one Season to the next.

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Fresh Avocado Spring Rolls w/Thai Dipping Sauce

Looking for a nice switch up from our usual dinners I decided to use this recipe. I first saw these Spring Rolls being made on a TV cooking show about a year ago with my girlfriend. They caught my attention right away and it wasn't long until I gave them a go. Filed under my Appies, I normally wouldn't make it for dinner but I craved something fresh, vegetarian and tasty and new I would have leftovers so really it was the perfect answer to a light and healthy meal.

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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Trend: Cuffs

Aside from Collars and Chokers being popular so are chunky metal Cuffs. Seen on many Celeb's you can't go wrong with this arm candy. Playful and fun and perfect for adding some funk to any outfit. Whether it's a pair of big earrings, a big watch, a big ring or a nice big bracelet, I've always had a soft spot for bold accessories.

1. Forever 21 Dimpled Cuff $4.80
2. Topshop Weaved Metal Cuff $28
3. Topshop Etched Cuff $25
4. H&M Cuff $12.95
5. Aldo Kroese Cuff $10  $7.98
6. Forever 21 Woven texture Cuff $4.80
7. Feliks & Adrik Spine Cuff $108
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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I came across this recipe and could not help myself but to indulge and go ahead and make them. Something I have never even heard of before "Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies". The only word that comes to mind is YUM. I made half the recipe and cut the cookies in half once cooled, I put a few in little bags and dispersed of them immediately.  These treats are no word short of delicious. If looking for a new take on chocolate chip cookies this is it. 

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Monday, 19 September 2011

Autumn Calls for Shades of Fall: J Brand Jeans

It is evident with the arrival of cool crisp air and falling leaves that Autumn is here. We are already half way through September and October is fastly approaching. J Brand Jeans are here to brighten the days. Available in many different shades with a few shown above.  A nice switch up from the popular Summer brights and neons. These are great to pair with a cozy knit sweater, a refreshing take and a nice change from your regular denim.
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Friday, 16 September 2011

Easy Egg Breakfast Sandwich

I am all about easy fixings when not in the mood to cook or clean, so here I share with you and I speak from both my bf and myself ... our ultimate go to breakfast meal "The Burt n Murt Special" an Egg Sandwich with all the fixings. Ideal for a lazy Sat or Sun morning or feeding your Man after a late night hockey, baseball, soccer or whatever game it may be. You can jazz up your breakfast sandwich anyway you want. We like to melt the cheese on the egg while cooking, add tomatoes, avocado, and sprouts. Tastes delicious on a toasted sour dough crumpet with a touch of mayo and ketchup for added flavour. When in the house I use spinach, and bacon (or sometimes some sort of deli meat heated up on a frying pan usually leftover from the work week). For the boys double up on the eggs. Organize it all into a wrap, bagel, or crumpet and call it a meal. It's easy, quick and simply delicious.

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Trend: Collars & Chokers

I keep seeing this trend allover stores, on celebrities and in magazines. I remember wearing chokers when I was around 10 years old, however the ones seen here are a little more stylish then what I was wearing;) You can go from plain and simple to ones with texture, bling, or even spikes. These are a fun and cool accessory to add to your outfit.

1. Forever 21 Textured Collar Necklace $8.80
2. H&M Metal Cuff Necklace $8
3. Giles & Brother Trove Ring Necklace $275
4. Aldo Lazenson Necklace $15
5. Topshop Python Necklace $40
6. Topshop Premium Spike Rows Collar $85
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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tips For Online Shopping

I would like to call myself an avid shopper. Some of my friends may call it an addicton however I see it more as a hobby. Spending Summers in the States at the Lake is where it all started, so I guess partially my Mother is to blame ;) At the end of every Summer I would get to go back to school shopping, this was usually done in the States and include stores like JC Penny, Macys and Target. This carried on all through Elementary school and when I began High School nothing changed except a few "cooler" stores like Wet Seal and Pacific Sunwear were added into the mix. In my 20's on my days off, I would drive to the Seattle Outlets and Alderwood Mall which is where I was introduced to Forever 21. Now in my mid 20's I have finally caught on to online shopping. Most people would think of it as a risk however, I am here to show you a few tips to make it easy and well worth it.

1. For the best prices on items order from US websites rather then Canadian.

2. Most US websites offer free shipping to a US address.

3. Use Blaine Enterprises as your ship to address in the US.

Your Name
936 Peace Portal Drive
Blaine, Washington

This will allow you to receive free shipping and it only costs $3 to pick up a box in Blaine (Just across the border)

4. Find your item at a local store close by to try on the size and fit so you know exactly what size to order online.

5. Research different websites to find the best price on whatever it is that you are after.
Ones I love and order from frequently are:

Victoria Secret
The House

6. Take into consideration some websites charge a Washington 8.5 % tax and some websites charge no tax at all. Hence, saving you the 12% Canadian tax.

7. Purchase your item online, have it shipped to Blaine, and pick your item up across the line.

8. If for some reason the item isn't what you expected or doesn't fit right, repackage the item up in its original packaging and stick the return address label on the box. Most online shopping sites have free return shipping. Leave it at Blaine Enterprises and they will have it picked up for a free return shipment.

9. Upon return, fill up on cheap gas to make your trip even more worthwhile.

Warning: This can become very addicting ;)

Happy Shopping!
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Easy Baked Spaghetti

Accidentally my boyfriend left all his dry groceries for a guys fishing trip in his truck. I was left with enough spaghetti noodles and pasta sauce to feed an army. So I decided once he was back from the trip of course to make Baked Spaghetti so he could take it into work and share with the others. I didn't quite follow a recipe for this one as its pretty simple to make. Once you have made the pasta sauce to your liking and cooked and drained the noodles mix them together. Spread onto a casserole dish and layer with parmesan and cheddar or mozzarella cheese. Bake in the oven until the cheese melts. Serve hot and enjoy. Quick and easy as 1,2,3.

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Monday, 12 September 2011

A Few Fav's

When I say a Few Fav's what I really mean is I'm IN LOVE with all these pieces. I plan on ordering the UGG slippers this week. I bought a pair of Men's UGG slippers for my bf a few years ago and have been wondering ever since why I didn't order myself a pair. Silly I know. I own the suede booties and can't wait to bring them back into rotation this Fall. The Marc Jacobs crossbody bag in Pewter is stunning and a great colour to match with. Knit sweaters are in and I'm excited to pick one up ASAP. Love the cropped knit and collared knit. Perfect for Fall nights ahead.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Crossbody Bag $368
2. UGG Dakota Slippers $100
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Concrete Jungle Leather Bangle $178
4. Wilfred Elea Sweater in Nordic Pattern $145
5. Boutique 9 Bacchus Ankle Boot $95
6. Wilfred Silk Camisole in Feather Print $60
7. Motif 56 Zee Belt $77
8. T. Bataton Kate Cropped Sweater $85
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Friday, 9 September 2011

Trend: Bold Coloured Shoes

Looking for a punch to your outfit? Get bold with a kick of colour. Take a simple outfit and add some flash with a pair of pumps or flats. Anything from coral, to royal blue and anything in between, get fresh with any colour of the rainbow. I love the thought of any of the above pumps with a pair of black skinnies and a simple top for a night out on the town. 

1. H&M Ballet Flats Lion Yellow $12
2. Pour La Victoire Daina Platform Pump $250
3. Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Lace-Up Cone Heel Boot $69
4. Urban Outfitters BDG Leather Pointy Skimmer $34
5. Aldo Epperley Suede Pump $80
6. Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Summer Skimmer $29
7. Aldo Nasrin Peep Toe Pump $90
8. Topshop Glisten Stud Court Shoes 130
9. Topshop Piston Metal Heel Court Shoe $160
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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fall Forward with Essie Nail Polish

Essie's new Fall collection 2011 is out. Can't go wrong with any of these shades. I'm still rocking my hot pink Shellac Nail Polish seen here (which I am loving by the way) but I am excited to get into the salon in the next few weeks and see what they have to offer in Shellac for Fall shades. As the crisp Fall air slowly moves in so do the more neutral shades of browns, greens, and oranges. Before you pack up your neons and brights, soak up those last sunny rays while you can and get ready for the slow shift to Fall with these Essie colours.
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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Banana Sour Cream Bread


I have a secret soft spot for any kind of bread with butter. However, making my own just seems too timely. I had a few frozen over riped bananas which needed to be used up and I wasn't too thrilled about making the same boring banana bread. I also just got back from a weekend in OK Falls and have not had time to hit the grocery store. So, it was a matter of finding some ingredient in the kitchen that I had on hand and that would spice up a banana loaf. Sour Cream is what I came up with. I used this recipe to create a yummy loaf and I used almonds on top instead of walnuts. (I love walnuts however these weren't in the kitchen either.) I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make and the tangy taste with a settle sweetness was a nice change. 


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Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to School Accessories

Alright kids its the first week back to school, so what better timing then to have compiled a bunch of accessories to get you organized. I had so much fun putting this collage together that I almost wished I was enrolled in a course of my own. Those of you that aren't going back to school whether it be highschool, college, or university like myself can indulge in these goodies for your job or career or simply incorporate them into your everyday life. I adore both Juicy Couture iphone case and ipad case. I love the fact that the ipad case has a notepad inside so you can easily jot ideas down when needed. What more do I need to say about the sticky notes, they are awesome! A lil inappropriate so you might wanna keep these ones at home and not on a due assignment;) The moustache erasers are something fun and different. Always in need of a mirror while on the go so the Marc Jacobs pouch with mirror and key chain is perfect for in the halls, locker, and after meals. I like to think of September as a fresh start. While Summer winds down, a routine comes into play which usually means more working out and less alcoholic beverages. Perfect timing to invest in a new water bottle. The one thing you have to look forward to all Fall long is back to school shopping, here's to wishing you all a successful semester!

1. Juicy Couture IPhone 4G Cover $28
2. Urban Outfitters Holly Readers $14
3. Urban Outfitters Get the Hint Stickies $6
4. Juicy Couture Watercolour Crest IPad Cover with Notepad $88
5. Urban Outfitters Large "What to Wear Pad" $7
6. Jack Wills Letham Pencils $12
7. Urban Outfitters Eraser Set of Two $5
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jungle Umbrella $58
9. LuLuLemon Sigg 1L Sport Top Bottle $25
10. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer Zebra Print $25
11. Marc by Marc Jacobs Airmail Suede Mirror Pouch w/Key Chain $88
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Sunday, 4 September 2011

POSHSHOP: Affordable Luxury

A close Girlfriend of mine and her Mom just opened a store in the new Morgan Crossing shopping area called POSHSHOP. If you are unfamiliar with the area it's located near 160th and 24th ave in South Surrey. The outdoor shopping scene is very village like with anything from Stores, Restaurants, Cafes, to many different services such as Blo Blow Dry Bar, Noir Lash Lounge and Pure Nail Bar to name a few. A great place to walk, eat, and shop. I have strolled the area many a times as I live close by and let me tell you this store isn't your ordinary Home Decor store. The variety is endless with everything from furniture, baby stuff, dishware, bedding, to wall decor and frames. If there is something in particular you need, whether a gift or for your own home, POSHSHOP is the place to find it. I am honest when I say endless, I was overwhelmed when I first entered the store as I had no clue where to begin. These two lovely ladies have creatively stocked their store with so many goods. Some of the brands I noticed and love are Daisy Knights Jewellery, Emma Bridgewater, 18 Karat, Bella Note Linens and Four Hands. I plan on stocking up with a few things before I leave the suburbs and make my way to the city. Check out a few fav's below. Their website isn't fully up and running yet but it will be soon so make sure you check it out here in the next few weeks or better yet pop in, I'm sure they would love to help you find whatever it is that you are looking for.
My Glimpse:

1. Primitives by Kathy Box Sign "Laugh"
2. Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Happiness Mug
3. Daisy Knights Jewellery Feather Tie Charm Bracelet
4. Eugene Cloutier Baby Moccasins
5. Cedar Mountain Art Blocks
6. Primitives by Kathy Pillow "Love You More"
7. Klippan Wool Blanket
8. Stray Dog Designs Fish
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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Trend: Menswear Inspired

Borrow blazers, tailored chinos, belted trousers, loafers and structured accessories from the Gentlemen. Easy, cool, and not too girly is a fresh take on fashion. Drop the girly outfit for a more casual menswear inspired look. I am excited about purchasing a pair of loafers as they would make the perfect work shoe. High heeled loafers for a dressier look or flats for a more casual, either way you will look trendy in both. Blazers are in and Im happy to bring mine back into rotation. I love the cropped red one shown above from Zara, bright, fun and can add a lil umpf to your day when feeling blah. Blouses with neck ties and a Men's oversized watch couldn't look any better together. This all excites me and inspires me to get a lil more creative with my everyday work attire.

1. TopShop Crop Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer $130
2. H&M Sac $29.95
3. TopShop Belted Tapered Trouser $85
4. TNA Classic Fit Denim Shirt $95
5. Boutique 9 Night Penny Loafer Pump $126
6. Zara Short Cardigan Without Buttons $119
7. Michael Kors Mens Oversized Rose Gold Watch $250
8. H&M Blouse $69.95
9. Marc By Marc Jacobs Small Turnlock Katie Bracelet $68
10. H&M Tie Neck Blouse $34.95
11. Steve Madden Grey Flannel Madee Loafer $119.95
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